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Mame Tutorial


Running MAME32 Only Using

40Mb of HDD Space


That's right play mame with only 40Mb (MEGA) on your computer. 

Mame has grown to nearly 40GB (Giga) of space on a hard drive. 

If you don't want to take up all that space,

 but don't mind carrying around lots of DVDs then this is the tutorial for you.


If you don't know how to install MAME normally

it might be helpful to check out my mame_windows_installation tutorial


OK here we go...

This is a feature that mame32 has had for a long time, but I think a lot of people really don't know about it.  So no matter where you get your mame32 emulator, this works!

The trick is that the default setting for the mame32 emulator is to look in the folder where mame32.exe is and find the roms folder, the samples folder, the snapshots folder...etc.

So you tell the mame32 emulator that your files are still on the disk and that's where it looks for the games, (not on your hard drive).


3 Easy Steps:

Step 1:

unzip mame32 to what ever folder you want.



Step 2:

Open mame32 click options, then choose Directories

Step 3:

Point (show) mame32 where the disk is with your roms.  click OK and mame32 refreshes automatically and you will now read the roms from the disk.  Repeat step 3 for samples, snaps, control panels, or whatever files you want mame to read off the disk.  If you put in a different disk just do this again and mame will automatically refresh and presto, the games read off the disk. 

*What I do is put the samples and snapshots along with the emulator on the computer and read the roms off the disk!


There it is.  That's all there is to it. 

So now enjoy your mame roms with minimal hard drive space. 

Really works well for laptops or computers at work. ;-)