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Mame Tutorial


Installing MAME in Windows


    go to Zophar.net and choose the emulator of your choice.  There are a lot of them and a lot of them are good. 




I will use Mame32 for an example since it is the one I use.

Scroll down to Mame32 and click v0.78.  Don't get anything that says "source". 



Mame32 is compressed with 7-zip instead of winzip or winrar.  So go to 7-zip homepage and download the latest version and install it.



Make a folder and name it "mame".  This folder can be anywhere on your computer. 

Now unzip v0.78 into the mame folder.  Should look like the below picture

Right click on Mame32, executable and send a shortcut to the desktop



Now kiss 20 Gigs of your hard drive goodbye.

You do not have to unzip any roms or artwork, leave it as is.  When you play a game, Mame32 will unzip whatever it needs and zip it back when it is done

-- Open my extras folder on Disk 1 and then open artwork.  Copy and paste all files into the artwork folder on your computer.

Now do this with all the rest of the extras...cpanel, snaps, samples, ect.

-- Put all the roms from all the disks into the roms folder on your computer

-- The CHD's also go into the roms folder, exactly how they are on my disks. 

A tutorial just for the CHD's is here if you don't understand what I'm saying.

The roms folder should look like the following picture



Finally, open Mame32 click view and scroll down to refresh.

This will find all the goodies you just packed your computer with.


After refreshing Mame32, you will see the games that work (green) and the games that don't (red).

You will see some red or non-working games.  The Mame creators release some games that don't fully work in the hopes that someone else will fix it.  Don't worry, all my games are verified with ClrMamePro.