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Original Cabinet


Here are the first pictures of the cabinet before any "work"


Here is all the crap on the inside that I don't need.


25kHz Monitor

      How do you know which monitor style to go with? There  are three different ways to  solve this problem. You can use an actual arcade monitor, a computer monitor, or a television.  Each way has its own advantages and disadvantages.  The easiest for me was to use the monitor that came with my cabinet.  This was free and it  also was a 25" monitor.  There are three different types of arcade monitors and the difference is the vertical scan rate.  The vertical scan rate is how fast the pixels of each line are changing.  The three different scan rates are low resolution (15kHz), medium resolution (25kHz), and high resolution (31kHz).  You can easily damage a monitor if you run the incorrect scan rate to it over a period of time.  The standard for almost all the older arcades is 15kHz. So of course my monitor turns out to be medium resolution, so it's not the standard and the cool interfaces that work so well for the 15kHz monitors will be no good for me. I had no idea at all about my monitor at first.  The only thing I knew was that it was a Wells Gardener monitor.  I went to there website and e-mailed about three people and someone actually helped me.  I finally found out that the monitor was made in '86 and I even found the manual for the 25K5515 (e-mail me if this is your model and I'll send you the manual) model monitor that was in my cabinet. 

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