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News: April 15 2014


M.A.M.E. v153 is out! 

I am updating the setup now.  Hopefully this weekend, I should have everything ready.

I appreciate everyone's patiences... 





News: Febuary 18 2014


I will start accepting orders after I have updated to Mame v153, which should be released in a few weeks.


I am catching up on e-mails now.  The break and update took a bit longer than I thought it would, sorry about that. A break ever so often is necessary for my sanity. ;)


The new setup is the latest verison of frontend software and the systems are listed here.





News: January 8 2014


Enjoyed a break from work and spending time with the family.

Now, back to work...


I have decided to update the hard drive with everything I have had requests for!  If there is something that you would like added to the hard drive, this is the time to ask.  I have already made some decent progress, but still a month away from a new release. 


Dang kids and work keep slowing me down...




News: July 4 2013   


Been a little busy lately...

My new children! 

Fraternal twins, 1 boy and 1 girl.







I only ship within United States due to multiple lost sets and bloated shipping costs. 


Need shipping outside the United States, my friends at Lazarus will fill requests





Rom Burners located in USA




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