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News: March 22 2015


Taking a break for a bit


Should be back in a month.

I will still answer all emails while on break, i.e. lifetime support ;)


Everything is fine, just taking some time to catch up on the honey-do list, enjoy the family and relax for a few weeks.  




News: March 21 2015


Taking a break for the website for a bit

Hard drives are new and shipping with tracking is included



News: March 12 2015


Updated Arcade Hard Drive with MAME version 159


Enabled Automatic Checkout



News: January 14 2015


N64 Update (FREE)!

Anyone that got a 4Tb Arcade Hard Drive gets a update

Just e-mail me for details...

Newest emulator and frontend module



News: December 30 2014


Updated PS2 Hard Drive!

Now over 1,800 games

All USA titles

All artwork, videos, and frontend files are included and pre-configured





*I am always up for a trade if interested. 

My hard drives for anything you might have of equal vaule, just let me know.





I only ship within United States. 


Need shipping outside the United States...

These guys are very trustworthy.






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